secure Communication
end-to-end encrypted
open source.
Be safe.

The Mission

Secure your business communication.


When people discuss business matters using their favorite chat applications, all of these confidential details are actually stored on foreign servers. There is no access and no control for businesses to secure or remove this data. If data protection is important for your staying ahead of the game, you might like the idea of a secure, tap-proof messenger app.

What Traceless offers

Traceless enables businesses to take back their control over digital communication streams. Using advanced encryption algorithms, we keep your business communication safe. This is an essential need for businesses today.

security & transparency

Secured communication requires two things: a state-of-the-art lock and a private key. In order to create a lock that exceeds known civil industry standards, Traceless will publish the complete source code of the lock. The code will be scanned, analyzed and challenged by thousands of experts – including your IT department. Instead of having to trust our words, let your team investigate the Source Code. Welcome to a new level of safety and transparency!

Your key

A lock is useless without a key. And while we publish the lock to build a unique level of trust, the key is yours. The key is not stored on any server, and therefore 100% private. Even Traceless employees are not able to access it by any means. Your key is stored locally on your device.

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